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Re: valve adjustment

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Subject: Re: valve adjustment
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 09:55:19 -0400 (EDT)
Several weeks ago there was a message that talked about how the valves should
make noise on an MG. The lister said when he hears a quite mg engine he can
feel the valves burning. I adjusted mine to .015" per the book and they run 
I wasn't aware John Twist recommended .025".  I imagine this would add some
noise to them.

I too am interested in the wisdom of the list on this matter.

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From:   IN%""  "Matt Kulka"  7-JUL-1998 09:36:36.87
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Subj:   Valve clearance on a new engine


  After nearly a year, I'm on the final stages of reassembling the motor
for my '74 B.  I found a very good checklist on John Twist's website for
rebuilding a 5-main MGB.  Unfortunately, I found it near the end of my
project, but in time to use some of his wisdom.

  One thing I saw is that he recommends valve lash of .025" for running
in.  (.015" is normal.)  I've never left the valves loose following an
overhaul before, but I'm not willing to believe I know it all.

  I was wondering if anyone on the list could shed some light on this
for me.

  As always, thanks in advance.

Matt Kulka
'74 B - soon to rise above doorstop status.

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