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RE: I may have found my problem

To: "Tyson Sherman" <>
Subject: RE: I may have found my problem
From: "Chris Delling" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 11:38:43 -0700
I don't recall what year your B is.  I know that the drawing of the
distributor drive slot for the B in the Haynes manual is absolutely
incorrect for later model cars.  I discovered this when reinstalling the
drive gear in my engine this past winter after replacing the camshaft.  No
way/no how it would go in the way the picture in the manual showed.
Reviewed this with a local LBC guru who confirmed it was incorrect.  It
appears that the drawing in the Haynes manual is actually the drawing for
the Midget drive!



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> Subject: I may have found my problem
> I was getting my B to spin on the starter with fuel and a spark.  A
> timing light revealed that the spark was occurring nowhere near where it
> should have.  I think I remember (it's been three weeks) the distributor
> driving spindle coming out.  I didn't remove the cam but I did
> remove/refit the timing gear.  I'm certain it's timed correctly;
> #4cylinder valves are moving when #1cylinder valves are closed and
> compression is felt from the plug hole.  The Haynes says the slot on the
> spindle should be at two o'clock and it's more like five o'clock.  So,
> how might one such as I get the spindle out with the engine in the car?
> I haven't driven this car all summer, and I move in less than a month.
> I REALLY want my B to go with me!!  Thanks.
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> Tyson Sherman

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