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Re: More Brakes - Blue Sticky Substance?

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Subject: Re: More Brakes - Blue Sticky Substance?
From: "Harlan Jillson" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 12:39:50 -0500
   I suspect your blue sticky substance is the same
thing as the 'redish orange' sticky substance on the
back of my pad's.  It's an anti-squeel material to keep
the pads from squeeling when the dust from the brake
material gets in there during use.  It's nothing to worry
about if properly installed ( aka there isn't supposed to
be any of it on the sides of the pistons, just a thin coat
on the back of the pad where it make contact).
   You shouldn't have to drain the reservoir, unless its
over filled of course.  There should be an air space at
the top for expansion.  There should just be a little free
play between the master cylinder rod and the peddle
so the rod can fully return when released.
   One thing you didn't mention is the type of brake
fluid you used when you rebuilt the system. On his site
Twist mentions a problem when using silicone fluid
with the rubber seal on the master cylinder swelling
from the silicone, not allowing the piston to fully retract
and therefore not exposeing the bleed hole for the
fluid pressure to equalize when the brakes are
released.  He also mentions a fix if this is the case,
you might want to check it out.

Good luck,
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From: Philip Hubbard <>
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Date: Sunday, July 12, 1998 10:04 AM
Subject: More Brakes - Blue Sticky Substance?

>Fellow listers,
>I've been blessed with some good advice on the list lately concerning my
>brakes.  Acting on some of that advice, I decided to check the easiest
>thing first - are my brake pads getting free movement in the caliper
>assembly so that they can retract.
>After pulling out the pads on the driver's side I found a blue sticky
>substance spread thinly and evenly over the entire back of both pads.  A
>tiny amount also had gotten on the lip of one of the pistons.  What the
>heck is this stuff and should it be there?  I didn't put the pads in - the
>shop who rebuilt my calipers did that for me.  In my lack of experience I'd
>say that the stuff looks like that gasket maker stuff.  I can't believe
>that such a sticky substance should be near my calipers.
>Also, I have no anti-squeal shims as part of my assembly.  I think the pads
>I bought were supposed to have some built in anti-squeal.  Unfortunately I
>threw away the box already.  In any case, I haven't detected a squeal yet.
>Lastly for now.  To check the master cylinder push rod to ensure that
>pressure can be relieved when I release the brake pedal and therefore not
>cause my brakes to bind, I assume I have to drain the brake fluid out
>completely first.  Not good enough to just suck it out of the reservoir -
>this would leave too much fluid in the area of the push rod, no?
>Thanks a million for all the help.  I've stopped for the moment until I
>understand the mystery of the blue sticky substance.
>Burgundy 1974 Midget

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