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Subject: Performance
From: "Chris Delling" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 19:08:17 -0700
A while ago I noted that I had been given a G-Force vehicle performance
meter from my loving wife.  This is a pretty slicj little gadget that
monitors things like 0-60 time, quarter mile time, braking distances, etc.
A couple of listers wanted to know what kind of performance figures the
thing provided for my B.  I know have enough miles on the motor to make me
comfortable letting it rev a bit so I made a couple of 0-60 runs last nite.

For the record, I have a 77B, with a Piper BP270 cam, 9:1 C.R, pistons,
Eurospec Lucas distributor from Britek, and a Weber DGV carb.  The car is
quite willing to rev to 5000 RPM (haven't pushed it past that yet, so I
can't comment), somthing that the original RBB spec motor would not do.

Two runs 0-60.  Full tank of gas, and my lard ass aboard.  12.59 secs., and
12.47 secs.  Max R.P.M. observed for each run was 5,000.

I figure with a few more miles on the clock, a few hundred more R.P.M., and
a few pounds off the waist line, and we are sub 12 seconds easy.  I may try
a swap with a set of S.U.'s that I am considering purchasing from a club
member.  That should help to answer THAT old question.



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