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RE: MGB thermostat question

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Subject: RE: MGB thermostat question
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Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 23:18:23 -0700

A 160 degree thermostat will be fine in your area, but it probably won't
help run any cooler once the temps get that high.

Straight water is an excellent coolant, unfortunately it has no corrosion
inhibitors - a primary reason why you need antifreeze in some amount.
Racers will run straight water, but they drain it after a race so as to
prevent corrosion.  I suggest you run a 25-30% mixture of antifreeze.  You
may also want to try a product called Water Wetter, manufactured by Redline
Lubricants.  Some insist it's snake oil, but I have found that it does offer
some improvements in cooling.  It won't hurt anything, and isn't very
expensive - $6 or $7 for enough for two MGs.


Chris Delling

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> Subject: MGB thermostat question
> Dear List:
> Been running a little warm here in Texas, 100* yesterday and the
> 77 MGB was
> running just below the red on the temp gauge, so I thought I
> would flush out
> the radiator and engine.  I was looking at the thermostat and it
> has 74 on the
> bottom end, is this any indication as the as to degree type of
> thermostat; and
> what type temperature rated thermostat should I be using for hot Texas
> weather?  Also, In refilling the system I went with 100% water, partly in
> anticipation of replacing the thermostat and refilling again with
> some degree
> of coolant (antifreeze is not an issue here and now), any problem
> with 100%
> water.
> Thanks for your help,
> Robert Murray
> Katy, Texas

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