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Re: OFF TOPIC - "Hicks" (was Re: Swaps)

To: Dan Ray <>
Subject: Re: OFF TOPIC - "Hicks" (was Re: Swaps)
From: Susan and John Roper <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 20:40:39 -0500
Well said, Dan.  I guess I'll leave the 12 gauge in the gun rack.  John

Dan Ray wrote:

> With all this stereotyping going around from the Yankees on the list...
> Can I apply for some membership into a seperate ethnic group or something
> since my family tree has one less branch than all you "normal" folks up
> North?
> I hate to tell ya'll, but if some of you start doing some research into your
> geneology, you may find that cousins (second cousins in my case, great
> grandparents) got married pretty often back in the 1800s -- North and South.
> Not that I'm a "hick" (maybe I am), mind you...and all in good humor, but if
> you folks in the N.E. are that convinced about the south and the folks that
> live there, well you just stay put and don't come 'round, ya hear?
> Dan
> 73 B
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> From: William M. Gilroy <>
> To: Ben Ruset <>
> Cc: <>
> Date: Friday, July 17, 1998 12:25 PM
> Subject: Re: Swaps
> >Ben Ruset wrote:
> >>
> >>  While some may call me "anti-hick" I'm in the process of trying to find
> a job
> >> and move to South Jersey -- a place with over a million square miles of
> pine
> >> forest. You can't get much more rural than that, and if you ignore some
> of the
> >> inbred residents (forget about West Virginia -- South New Jersey has a
> >> higher %
> >> of inbreeding than W. VA has) and ignore legends of the "Jersey Devil"
> than
> >> you
> >> might find it a nice place to live.
> >
> >Ben is right about S. Jersey, it is like it is a different planet.  Plenty
> of
> >refrigerators and car seats on the porches.  As for the inbreeding I have a
> >theory.  In south Jersey we have a large Air Force base (Fort Dix/McGuire).
> I
> >figure that
> >some of the southerners that join the AF, wind up stationed at McGuire.
> Then
> >the
> >day comes when they are discharged.  At this point they have already spent
> all
> >of
> >there money on cheap beer and ammunition and have no money left to buy a
> bus
> >ticket
> >home.  So they decide to settle in south Jersey.  And there is the
> explanation
> >of
> >the inbred Southern Jersey residents.  Of course I could be wrong.
> >
> >All of this fails to explain why do "hicks" put refrigerators on the porch
> >in the first place?
> >
> >All of the above intend with humor.
> >
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