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Subject: Re: visiting graveyards
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 08:15:43 -0400 (EDT)

Were the MG's next to an antique barn?  If so, the guy once was pretty heavy
into mgs.  THe loft of the barn was full of British car parts.  He usually had
2 or 3 cars in the barn in various stages of restoration. He lost interest in
the mgs and concentrated on his antique business.
He offered me the three cars and all the parts from the barn loft for $1500. 
While it would have been a great purchase, the thought of hauling it all off
and storing the parts and 3 cars at my house kept my wallet in my pocket and
the wife happy.  She doesn't like the yard littered with rusting cars.
Someone did end up buying it all.  Never found out who.  So maybe the cars and
parts were saved from the junkyard.

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When I was looking for 'B parts two years ago, I came across three 
old '70-'72 'B's sitting in a field in Indiana, PA (Ray, did you ever 
run into this guy?)  I was looking for heads for my '77, but this guy 
wanted to sell all three cars and associated parts for $1200.  Two of 
the cars had thistles growing through the holes in the floorboards 
and no engines.  The third one had a decent floor, but rusty sills, 
aftermarket stick-on moulding along the beltlines, no interior, and 
an engine that looked as though the Almighty Himself cursed it to 
never run again.  All three had rostyles, though the third car had 
sunk so deep into the swamp it was sitting on the sills and the 
wheels were almost invisible!  And he was upset when I offered to buy 
a luggage rack from him and not take the cars!!! ..."

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