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EPILOGUE: Clutch and U-Joint Help needed - Urgent

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Subject: EPILOGUE: Clutch and U-Joint Help needed - Urgent
From: "Chris Delling" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 16:13:43 -0700
Thanks for all who responded.  For those who are interested, I took the B to
the local LBC mechanic for a looksee.  He agreed with many on the list that
it was "probably" the rubber flex hose between the master and slave.  Time
being short, and having to work sometime, I elected to let him go ahead and
replace the hose, and we bled the drained the entire system and re-filled
and bled.  Don't know for sure if this was the problem, as it was
intermittant, but a considerable amount of black crap came out as we drained
the system, and the inner hose was swelled pretty well, with some apparent

As far as the noise which I suspected of being U-joint needle bearings, this
was diagnosed as spark knock - must be I got some crappy gas, as it's never
done this before.  At least now I'll know what spark knock sounds like!

Heading out in the morning, so I'll be signing off for time being.  I'll
report back on my 800 mile trek through the
Michigan/Indiana/Illinois/Wisconsin countryside when I return!



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