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Re: New Coil

Subject: Re: New Coil
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 21:30:10 EDT
In a message dated 98-08-10 19:30:27 EDT, Bob MGT writes:

> I believe the plugs must be wired in series. If two plugs were wired in 
> parallel, only one would fire. When a spark occurs the air in the gap
> and becomes a low resistance, essentially a short circuit for high voltage. 
> One plug would always fire before the other and bring the voltage down too 
> low for the other plug to fire. In open air it takes 75 volts for every .001
> inch of gap to cause a spark. So for a plug gapped to 25 thousandths it
> take 1875 volts to make it arc. I don't know if this holds true inside the 
> cylinder when you add in gasoline and the compression. 


Good point! It makes a lot of sense, yet if the high tension leads to the two
plugs are connected at the HT lead of the coil, as Rick Morrison stated (or as
I understood him to say), then they are wired in parallel.  I guess I'll have
to do a little more digging. Looks like I'm going to have to forget everything
I know about traditional ignition systems (which ain't very much), and start
learning all over again.


Dan Masters,
Alcoa, TN

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