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RE: Two piece Tonneau covers for MGB?

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Subject: RE: Two piece Tonneau covers for MGB?
From: "John Steczkowski" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 09:03:35 -0700
Hmm I didn't know that they made full tonnoues that didn't zip in the
middle. I have one for my '75, it has lift-a-dots that hold it snug behind
the seat when you have it half zipped off.

John Steczkowski
Director, Client Services, Central
PSW Technologies, Inc.

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> Subject: Two piece Tonneau covers for MGB?
>       My son insists that he saw a two-piece tonneau cover on a late
> RBB the other day. According to him, the rear of the cover was like a
> standard top cover, with a full-length zipper that went from side to
> side. The owner fetched the front half of the tonneau from his trunk,
> zipped it on, and hooked it in the front. Loyal Son asked the owner were
> he got it, and was told it came with the car when he bought it from the
> (D)PO.
>       This cover appealed to Loyal Son greatly, because now he drives
> with the top down and the top cover on. When he gets to school, he takes
> off the top cover, opens the boot, puts in the top cover, and takes out
> the tonneau cover. Installs tonneau cover and goes inside to school.
> Afternoon procedure is reverse of morning procedure. He figures that a
> two-piece tonneau would save him a heap of time since he only has to zip
> on and snap the front half.
>       The big question - does anyone else have one of these, or did he
> see a one-off product of an upholstery shop. If this is a commercial
> product, does anyone have a source?
> Dan Pockrus
> Systems Integration Engineer
> Efficient Networks, Inc.

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