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RE: speedometers

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Subject: RE: speedometers
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Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 11:47:44 -0700
Calibration can be done.  I had mine calibrated after fitting a overdrive
transmission.  A local shop, which specializes in gauge repair, as well as
cruise controls did the job.  They put the car on a roller.

Alternately, there is an outfit on the Monster List which does gauge
recalibration and repair via mail order.  I spoke with them.  They provide
you with instructions to perform a road test, the results of which you must
supply when you return the unit.  Cost for either option was about the same,
around $120.


Chris Delling

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> My '80 LE MGB speedo has both KPH and MPH on the dial.  Never gave it a
> thought.
> However, it reads consistently 10% high, based on mile markers and the
> portable police radar speed displays (LOVE those things! great for
> competitions!)  Anybody know how to calibrate a speedometer? (yes,
> everything like wheels and tyres are stock sizes)  I know, I know, I
> don't need to if I know the error, but it still bugs me.

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