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RE: Better lights or just slow down ?

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Subject: RE: Better lights or just slow down ?
From: "Chris Delling" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 14:47:37 -0700

My "other car" is a Ford Contour SE.  It was fitted with optional fog lights
from the factory.  They are designed to only work with the low beams turned
on.  Previously I owned a Cherokee.  I bought a set of optional driving
lamps from a dealer(intended for dealer installation)for it.  The
instructions that came with indicated that they too should only be wired to
operate when the headlights were on low beam.  According to instructions,
this is mandated by the US DOT. I wired them contrary to instructions  so
that they would be operable whenever the igintion was switched on - thus
allowing me to use them with high beams.

It would seem that our government is once again trying to protect us from


Chris Delling

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> Hi,
> you won't be able to convert a driving lamp to a fog lamp.
> Driving lamps are intended to be wired to be on with your high (or main)
> beam, and off with dipped headlights.  The lens on the lamp is designed to
> throw a long bright 'spotlight' pattern.
> Fog lamps are wired to be on with the side (or parking) lights.
> The lens is
> designed to create a very low, wide, diffuse light which is less likely to
> reflect back to you from the fog.
> If you drive in fog with main beams or driving lamps on you will light up
> the fog bank in front of you so well you won't be able to see anything.
> If you drive in clear weather with either driving lamps or fog
> lights on you
> will look like a sad loser who either a) doesn't know how to turn
> his lights
> on and off properly, or b) thinks it's really cool to be lit up like a
> Christmas tree and irritate the pants off everyone else.  These points
> typically do not apply to MG owners.
> Have fun,
> Andy
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> > Subject: Better lights or just slow down ?
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> > Hi Listers: Anyone have a recommendation for fog lights ? I find
> > myself driving
> > through lots of mist in the Maine countryside. I have a set of Hella 160
> > driving lights (not installed),maybe I can convert one to a fog light ?
> > Will adding six inch diameter lamps spoil the airflow to my radiator and
> > cause overheating-hot running ?
> >
> >                              TIA
> >                         Dave      '70 MGBGT
> >
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