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RE: Rebound Straps

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Subject: RE: Rebound Straps
From: "Chris Delling" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 10:28:30 -0700
I can't recall where, but I just read about a kit intended to replace these
studs for just such a reason.  I will hunt around to see if I can find it.
Seems to me it was a UK firm.  I thought it was in the most recent MG World,
but I didn't find it when I looked.  Perhaps someone else will recall seeing



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> Subject: Rebound Straps
> I think I just put myself in the world of hurt...
> I removed the axle from the car today, but in the process both of the
> rebound strap studs on the axle were broken.
> Is there any way to put in new ones, or do I need to start looking for a
> complete axle???  It looks like those brackets can be taken off and new
> ones welded on, but I don't see them in the parts catalogs.
> Any ideas appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Chris

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