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Re: True or False

Subject: Re: True or False
From: Larry Dickstein <>
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 09:54:32 -0500 wrote:
> recently, i posted a note saying i needed a running, dependable MGB to
> commute. on eof the returned letter said that it wasn't a very dependable car
> for commuting. i've always thought it was if it was in good condition. is it
> true?
> eddie k.
> need an MG ..


        A British car is, in my opinion, neither more or less dependable than
any other.  I have found that a bunch of the complaints stem from a lack
of preventive maintenance.  You have to do more on a British car since
they lack the up to date technology such as 100k tune-ups, sealed
no-maintenance wheel bearings, computer operated fuel injection, etc. 
No, you cannot drive it forever w/out some work on them.  The trick, and
the key, is to stay ahead of it.  That way you can change points in your
garage w/ a beer in your hand.  The other way is to wish you had some
new points while you are standing in a thunderstorm, 200 miles from home
and out of beer.  Get the idea??
        If you are using the car to commute, you absolutely need to keep the
car in A-1 shape.  Yes, it is important to get to work on time but it is
more important to get home as well.  I'd say go for it unless you live
in an area where is snows 7' a year.  Here in KC, all we deal w/ is
rain, sometimes 5 inches in an hour. (You perverts can leave that

Larry Dickstein
Kansas City, MO

Bob Allen's slow computer student!!!

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