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brake help

Subject: brake help
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 22:23:06 EDT
ok its not my B but I still need help. My son had a brake problem with "our"
76 toyota Celica> He heard noise at right front and brakes were very bad. Upon
examing right front I found outside pad was missing, caliper was leaking,
brake fluid all over inside of wheel and rotor was scarred. We replaced
calipers, pads and rotors. Bled system out and peddle seemed firm. Crank up
for test drive around block. He comes back and sez no peddle pressure. Rebleed
and repeat with same results(twice). Last time got firm pressure again but
after cranking car and before moving we check peddle. Very soft and goes
almost to floor. Help!! Is this master cyclinder or power brake booster. Rear
brakes and cylinders are only 20k old. Please help before he "needs" to drive
my B.

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