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MGB Tow Rig / Hard Top

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Subject: MGB Tow Rig / Hard Top
From: Rick Huber <>
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 09:20:38 -0400
Hi gang,

I was at the Doylestown get together last weekend - nice day - plenty of 
beautiful MGs, great people, and  interesting conversations.  I really
enjoyed it even though I was on a business trip and driving a rented Monte
Carlo.  One guy there had towed his body shell with a little tow rig that
looked homemade.  I'm thinking I'm going to need one of those in the
future.  Anybody know who he was and how I can get in touch with him ?  

I've got a hardtop for sale.  It's a  Royal Coachman  made by Dynoplastics
of South El Monte Ca.  It's made for an MGB - came off of a '75, serial
number 7856.  It's fiberglass with a black vinyl look inside and out (hard
plastic - not like vinyl).  The rear window is glass and the side windows
are clear, not cloudy or scratched plexiglass.  Hardware is all functional,
although has surface rust that could be cleaned up.  All the rubber /
sealing surfaces are in excellent condition except the back seal strip
which is deteriorated / torn and would have to be replaced.  Dimensions are
16" tall, 50" wide, 55" long and weighs about 30#.  Anybody interested? 
Make me an offer not including shipping.  I'm in Baton Rouge, La.

Safety Fast,

Rick Huber

'68 BRG B Daily Driver
'75 Black B "B"coming a V8 (engine should go in next weekend)
'65 Red o/d  B running project car
'65 Green o/d  B not running project car (for sale ? - too many projects

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