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OFF TOPIC - Photographic Copyright on the WWW

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Subject: OFF TOPIC - Photographic Copyright on the WWW
From: "Nevard, Chris" <Chris.Nevard@BSKYB.COM>
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 04:10:00 +0100
This will hopefuly be of interest to a fewt of us seeing so many here have a

Have any of our legal eagles had any thoughts on this one?

Earlier on this evening I spotted one of my MG car images on what appears to
be commercial site, they have used the image as their picture . Permission
has not been obtained from me for the use of the image. The image originally
was (and still is) on a site which had my permission to use it complete with
my email address below it so somebody wishing to use the image could contact
me easily.

What are copyright restrictions on the WWW bearing in mind the Net is

I have emailed the webmaster explaining breach of copyright, now hoping for
a response...........

Cheers & thanks

Chris Nevard

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