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Re: dead MGB...

To: John Steczkowski <>
Subject: Re: dead MGB...
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 13:10:52 +0000
John Steczkowski wrote:
> ... I went out to go get lunch and it did the same thing, started to
> crank, starter engaged, started to turn and then dead. As I was sitting
> there, I thought that maybe the starter solenoid was causing the problem. I
> got the lug wrench out of the trunk and wrapped the solenoid and it did the
> same thing, but didn't start.

You really ought to prove the fault before you start replacing parts
willy-nilly - that's expensive.

Listen out when you turn the key to crank the engine.  Can you hear a
click of a relay operating, a clunk of the solenoid operating, or
nothing at all?  If nothing at all, is the ignition light still showing
while the key is still turned.

If the ignition light goes out when you turn the key you have a bad
connection somewhere in the heavy current circuit - clean up the battery
terminals/connectors, the battery ground strap/body connection and the
solenoid connections.  For good measure also clean up both ends of the
engine ground strap and where it bolts up to.

If the ignition light stays on but you hear no click or clunk then the
starter relay is not operating.  Check the connections on the relay, and
check that you get 12v on the white/red from the ignition switch.  If no
12v check the red/white back to the switch.

If the relay clicks but the solenoid doesn't clunk check you have a
constant 12v on the brown on the relay, and 12v on the brown/white when
the ignition key is turned.  If there is no 12v on the brown/white then
the relay is faulty.  

If 12v is leaving the relay on the bown/white make sure it is arriving
at the solenoid.  If it is then the solenoid is faulty and you can say
"I told you so".

If the solenoid is clunking then it could still be the solenoid contacts
that are faulty, or the starter itself.


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