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The TD -- Its Alive!

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Subject: The TD -- Its Alive!
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 22:27:04 -0600
I am a happy man tonight.

The TD that followed me home has fired up tonight and looks like a
keeper. As a review, I trailered it home questioning my sanity as it had
a few problems:

1.) No oil pressure.
2.) Starter failed.
3.) Clutch plate frozen to flywheel.

For those not blessed with such a car, the TD has an external oil pump.
There is an odd arrangment where it sucks oil up out of the sump through
an internal channel. The pump is driven off the cam and hangs off the
left side of the motor near the front. Leaving the pump there are three,
separate versions (depending upon year) on how the oil gets filtered
then piped back into the engine. My car has a fourth variant in that it
uses a Moss-speced disposable filter cartridge. Anyway, if that filter
gets too contaminated, the oil pressure is merely bled off at the pump
and back to the sump without being bothered with lubricating the motor.

With help from the TD list, I figured out how to R&R that system and put
in fresh oil. The little motor pumped 30psi on the starter without the
plugs. Hurrah!

Before screwing the plugs back in, I did a cold compression test and
found the motor was blowing 165(-10) psi. Hurrah!

The starter was rebuilt by yours truly by merely disassembling the unit
(which turns out to be from an RBB Midget) and finding the commutator
plate carboned up. A little work with the Gibbonizer and it is now
spinning fine. Hurrah!

All buttoned back down the little motor fired up, with the car on
jackstands, and sounded great! A nice idle at 1,100 rpm and it revs
freely. Oil pressure at 75psi with Castrol 20w50. Hurrah!

The clutch apparantly didn't want to dampen my spirits as it immediately
unstuck and I can run it through the gears -- 2,500rpm is 35mph
indicated in top. Hurrah!

Now if we weren't in day three of constant rain, I would know what it is
like to drive the little car.

I am quitting tonight while I am ahead!

Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69CGT, '75TR6, '62Elva, and '52TD#13588!

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