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Re: Non LBC

To: Bud Krueger <>
Subject: Re: Non LBC
From: Larry Dickstein <>
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 22:13:40 -0600
Bud Krueger wrote:
> Semper Fi, grunt.  Bud Krueger, USMC/1302157
> Carl Elliott wrote:
> > To all the Veterans out there Happy Veterans day, To the others on the
> > list , Please take a moment on Veteransday to say a Prayer for all
> > thoswhom gave there all in the name of Freedom. To my Brother Marines
> > Happy Birthday, Semper Fi. Freedom Isn't Free . Carl Elliott USMC
> > Visit us at

-- Anyone want to hear some marine jokes??

Larry Dickstein
Kansas City, MO

US Army 1966-1969

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