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To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Supercharging
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 10:04:48 EST
On Sun. Nov. 22 James Einolf wrote:

< Subject: Supercharging an MGB

Anyone know where I might dig up some information on adding a supercharger
to an MGB? Any web site addresses, recommended books, magazine article
references, manufacturer/distributor information or recollections of
personal experiences would be most appreciated. TIA.

 - James Einolf
'74 MGB (getting well ahead of myself, considering the present state of the
car) >

NAMGBR received a proposal from Bob Brownlow of Niles, Illinois this past Fall
to form a Supercharged Registry and the officers approved the proposal. Bob is
currently putting a Judson supercharger in an MGB. I don't have an e-mail
address or phone number for Bob handy but will post them later. Bob will be
writing a column in "MGB Driver" and wants to encourage exchange of
information and experiences like the V8 Register does under Kurt Schley.

David Deutsch, NAMGBR Membership Coordinator and frequenter of this list,
would be glad to assist anyone who wishes to join NAMGBR and receive "MGB
Driver". Call him at 1-800-NAMGBR1.

Safety Fast,
Kim Tonry
Editor - MGB Driver-Journal of the North American MGB Register
Downers Grove, Illinois, USA


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