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Re: OT MEAT was Re: (BEER) longish

To: Carufel Family <>
Subject: Re: OT MEAT was Re: (BEER) longish
From: john peloquin <>
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 08:42:19 -0800 (PST)

Regarding California wine, there are more than a "few" good wines here. I
can't imagine (other than maybe Oz Shiraz's or perhaps Chilean Cabs) that
you can get such quality for value as we have here. It also depends on
what you like. 
I've only tasted one or two California Gewurtz and reislings that I would
give you two cents for (they were made in dry Alsatian style too), but I
defy you to match the Zins (Ravenswood for example) and our Cabs for twice
or three times the price. My impression of much of the French wine I've
tasted was that it was thin, lacking in varietal character and
acidic-perhaps the fact that, though much denied and unlawful,
French wineries buy a LOT of sugar. I suppose the sugar is a treat for the
vineyard horses?

For French wines, you have to pay WAAAAAY too much for a decent
bourdeau or burgandy. However, their Cote d Rhone and some vin d pays are
often good value IMHO.

Finally, isn't wine best in or near the place it was made?

"Never ascribe to Malice that which can be explained by Ignorance."
John J. Peloquin, Assistant Research Entomologist
Entomology, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521

On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Carufel Family wrote:

> And whats wrong with Californian wine? Have you ever tried Ravenswood?
> Macrostie? Frog's Leap? there are a few greats, and I stress a FEW. Try
> them. Youll see :)
> Ben Carufel

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