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Purple Circuit -- HELP!!!

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Subject: Purple Circuit -- HELP!!!
From: Chris Chandler <>
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 18:20:19 -0500
Thanks to everyone who has answered questions so far.  Thanks to all of
you, "The Ghost" is back on the road again much more quickly than I
thought she would be.

I'm now back to trying to get the purple circuit working (last
electrical problem!!!)...  I have power at the fuse block, and at the
horns (are both terminals on the horns supposed to be hot?).  Inside the
car I have nada, zip, zilch on purple.

Investigating a few moments ago, I found two connections under the hood,
mere inches from the fuse box, that were not connected.  One was plain
purple (inside feed?) and the other was purple/white.  Now... they both
had bullets that went into one of those single connectors, but nowhere
nearby did I find a wire of any color with just a bullet connector that
might mate up to these two errant wires...  any suggestions?  

I take that back... I just remembered I found a single yellow wire with
a bullet connector that was unconnected.  But from what I understand,
this is the lead for the switch that indicates 3rd/4th for OD (which I
don't have). 

Should I just add another wire from the fuse box and feed power to the
plain purple wire?  And then what about the Purple/White lead?

Thanks Again!

'72 B Roadster "Red Baron" (Too many pieces to count)
'70 B Roadster "Ghost"

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