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MGB Fruitcake

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Subject: MGB Fruitcake
From: "Mike Lishego" <>
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 18:18:37 -0500
Hello all,
    I just wanted to thank everyone who responded overwhelmingly
that my oil consumption was ok, and to those kind folks who
responded to my plea for help on my paper.  It came out at 25 pages,
and looks to be a sure-fire A!
    The best compliment I've received came from one of our students
who is from Africa.  She never saw an MG before I drove up to check
my mail in it.  She said, "It's a piece of art!"  I couldn't agree
    The car has been netting me more fun too.  Last night I drove
two girls to South Of The Border at midnight - top down the whole
way.  How did I drive two?  Well, one was small enough to sit on the
other's lap, and those Moss lap belts were large enough to strap
everyone in securely...(Though she could've sat in MY lap...8-)
    I tried to wire in a horn relay, then realized that the wiring
in there was non-standard.  Instead of a relay, I used thick wire
running to the horns from the fuse block, and that even helped the
tone immensely.
    Little Miss has picked up a rather disgusting habit though...The
radiator overflow tube spits out a drop or two everytime I get the
temp up to 'N'.  If I'm driving, the water blows into the driver's
side wheel and runs out to the rim before spraying down the fender.
The resulting streaks are not only ugly, I'm pretty sure they're bad
for the paint too...I guess I'm in for getting a longer tube and
routing it further to the center of the car.
    Over Christmas break she gets new U-Joints as preventative
maintenance, along with new ball joints and a luggage rack (for
double the passenger carrying capacity!)  If I can afford it, I'm
going to try to replace some of the heater and vacuum hoses with new
stuff too.  The clutch hydraulics are acting up, as I have to
double-pump the pedal to get the car to drop into reverse, so that
will be the first job in the queue when I get home.  Can the clutch
system be bled by gravity, like the front brakes?
    Speaking of home, I've been given a pardon and I get to leave
next Thursday...I'm praying for 'No Snow' for the trip, but...I just
thought I'd share the trials and tribulations of an MGB owner 5
months away from joining the real world...

Michael S. Lishego

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