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Re: Electronic ignition and plug gapping

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Subject: Re: Electronic ignition and plug gapping
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Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 17:02:48 -0600
   Unless you've changed the coil to a high voltage/energy unit, I'd leave
the plug gap alone.  The EI will give you a much more stable advance and
compensate for distributor wear etc., but won't do anything (significant) as
far as increasing the voltage to the plugs,  which is what you need to
increase the gap for better ignition.
(Now watch, someone will come in and explain how the increase flux density
through the framastat increases the pedrastatic impeadence of the bi-polar
mitziplungigator and doubles the output voltage of the coil.....;')

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Date: Wednesday, December 09, 1998 10:01 AM
Subject: Electronic ignition and plug gapping

>Hi all,
>I am installing a new positive ground Petronix in my 64 B.  Currently I'm
>running stock Champions with origianl gaps, which I don't have in front of
>(of course...)
>Any recommendations on plug gaps with the new ignition?
>Or anything else to look out for when installing this set-up in the
>distributor (25D)
>Bruce Durgin
>64 B
>98 Dakota with a kick-butt V8

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