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MGC Motor Rebuild Parts

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Subject: MGC Motor Rebuild Parts
From: "Robert Allen" <>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 08:37:30 -0600
Here is a good friend of mine who is going to rebuild his 'C' motor and
transmission (it is an automatic). He is looking for advice:

>From Gregg Hawley (

"Oh, I pulled the C motor and tranny this weekend and it was a pure slice of
heaven.  I took about 4 hours after I had everything unhooked!! Phooey!  But
it's out and I can start opening up the boxes and see what life has in store
for me!!  My bet is that I have mine running and on the road b4 YOU do!  Any
Bets? { no } If you find any place that is doing you a good job on rebuild
parts like gasket kits, rings, bearings etc, give me a yell."

You might respopnd to him and CC the list if you've cornered any good
sources for 'C' parts when doing a rebuild. The guy lives in Iowa so type
Bob Allen, Kansas City

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