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Towing Genius

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Subject: Towing Genius
From: "Robert Allen" <>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 14:58:45 -0600
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From: ccrobins <>
>  I'm hardly "one of the lucky few."  When I broached this subject last
> summer, the only people who advised against leaving it in were those
> who'd never tried it.

Hmmm. I'd be curious to hear from those who have successfully rebuilt the
manual transmission of a 'B' or Midget and who took the time to figure out
the lubrication mechanism of said transmission, then describe for us
slow-witted doomsayers how it would be perfectly okay to _not_ disconnect
the driveshaft when towing.

Perchance some of those cars that "leaped into gear" at road speed actually
had one of their intermediate gears heat welded to the output shaft?

Bob Allen, Kansas City

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