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Re: Towing

To: Richard D Arnold <>
Subject: Re: Towing
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 23:54:41 -0600
Richard D Arnold wrote:

> >  Ya just started another controversy.  ONe guy wrote last summer,
> >telling us it was a no-no to tow a wire wheel B backwards because the
> >knock-offs would unscrew.  Huh!  I didn't go near that one.
> Now this I hadn't considered (haven't towed Maggie anywhere, nor any
> vehicle with wires).  Makes sense, though.  I wonder, could one avoid
> this problem by 'pinning' the knock-off to the hub via a couple of small
> holes drilled through the hub and knock-off, and a longish cotter pin?

Nah, way too much work. Use chemistry. The hot setup is liberal application
of red Locktite and then torque to the standard 500 ft/lbs. Towing it
backwards becomes the least of your problems.
Bob Allen, Kansas City
"There are two ways to argue with a woman and neither one work."

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