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Re: 74 MGB for sale

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Subject: Re: 74 MGB for sale
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 19:18:04 EST
In a message dated 12/29/98 5:12:58 AM Eastern Standard Time, Rebareng writes:

 If any of you dual MG/Triumph owners care, I drove past a 74 MBG for sale
 here in Tucson AZ. It was painted burnt orange (I think the official color
 is "Brady Bunch" Orange, heh heh) and since it is a Tucson LBC, it has a
 perfect body on it, no dents, no dings. All the plastic pieces are intact,
 the dash is perfect, the bumpers are perfect except for that "out in the
 sun too long black plastic fatigue" look to them, the seats are torn up but
 it has a brand new tan convertible top. The paint job is new, I saw a
 largish chip in the old paint that had been overpainted by the new, so,
 Earl Scheib probably did it. The ad in the window says "runs great" and
 they want $3,000. It looks like it's worth it.  The guy's phone number is
 (520) 722-9798. If any of you guys are also on the MG list, please post
 this there. Personally, I wouldn't own an MGB, especially a brady bunch
 orange one. But I wouldn't turn my nose up at a MGA. >>

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