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Re: radio replacement

To: "Bill Saidel" <>
Subject: Re: radio replacement
From: "Robert Allen" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 11:24:34 -0600
Two power wires:

1) Switched through ignition, turns "on" the radio.
2) Always "hot" so that the radio can "remember" your favorite stations.

Your documentation should tell you which is which unless the radio still has
remnants of the surrounding dash it was "Saz-alled" out of.

Bob Allen, Kansas City

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From: Bill Saidel <>

>I'm a bit confused. Bit??? I removed the old radio from a '76B and found 5
>connecting wires (ignoring the antenna).
>4 of the wires went to speakers and the other was presumably the voltage in
>to the radio.
>Now the radio worked but it had no cassette player so it had to go. The
>replacement has 2 power wires.
>I presume one of the 4 speaker wires acted as a general ground but do not
>really know (battery is out so I cannot test it).
>What should I use at the other ends of the voltage in?

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