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Happy Birthday - Thanks to all!!

To: "MG list" <>
Subject: Happy Birthday - Thanks to all!!
From: "Penny & Bill Meyer" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 21:15:10 -0700
Well, my son and his wife just left.  Thanks to all who proffered
suggestions on his cutting out problem.
What he did was install the Allison electronic system I had given him some
time ago, which eliminated the questionable wire(s) in the distributor.
Also, a new fuel filter was installed.  Ninety miles on city streets,
interstate, and rural roads without a hiccup.  Looks as though the problem
may be gone.  As he says, it looks/feels good, but he'll not be convinced
until a few more days and miles have passed him by.  Smart boy!


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