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Ford Fiesta

Subject: Ford Fiesta
From: Pat Bailey <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 17:43:39 -0800
I went for a nice drive down to the
valley to pick up the new MG world
today (top down of course!)and
decided to come back Angeles Crest
and I passed a Ford Fiesta you know
the one with the skinny tires and 3
cyl and I couldn't shake him!!
He stayed behind me the whole way!I
couldn't believe it!I know my '79
doesn't handle like an older one but
this is rediculous!
These little cars could be a real
sleeper hop up the engine and put
wider tires on it and you may have a
modern mini cooper!
Are these things made in
Germany?Next time I see one I'll
have a little more respect for it.

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