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Re: Trip to England

To: "Richard A. Boris" <>,
Subject: Re: Trip to England
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 17:53:05 -0500
At 11:03 PM 1/27/99 +0100, Richard A. Boris wrote:
>Hi Everyone:
>Some members of the MG Car Club-Long Island Centre (MGCC-LIC) are
>exploring a possible trip to the Beaulieu Auto Show scheduled for 11 &
>12 September 1999. Has any list members attended this event? and can you
>provide any helpfull information; where to stay, transportation, etc?
>                                               Thanks: Rich Boris: 67 B 
I went about 15 years ago. Had a great time. Today the prices are supposed
to be out of sight, We stayed in a bed and breakfeast in Brockenhurst in
the New Forrest. Rooms during the autojumble (at reasonable prices) are
left in peoples wills to their eldest son. Good luck with accomadations
that week. Since Beaulieu is in the New Forrest the area is not very
developed. Thus rooms are scarce.

If you do go,( I wish I could join you) don't miss the grounds at Beaulieu.
Besides the auto museum which is fantastic, there is a ruinned abbey, The
grounds were used during WW11 as the training ground for spies to be
dropped over the channel and behind enemy lines (all of Europe then) Many
never came back. A real piece of history.


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