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Re: BMC Week, Dailey Drivers

To: Tom Wagner <>
Subject: Re: BMC Week, Dailey Drivers
From: Pat Bailey <>
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 06:46:47 -0800
Mine's not a"daily driver"I don't
have to drive to work I get to bring
my work truck home.But I put about
10,000 miles a year driving weekends
for pleasure!Last weekend I went to
Ventura twice and put 250 miles on
it earlier this month my wife and I
went to Solvang put 450 miles I'll
go for a putt and drive 150 to 200
miles on a day trip.I have to admit
this has been the most trouble free
car I've owned(except for a new
car)I've put 41,000 miles since I
bought it in '94 she's only left me
stranded once and that was on the
night I bought it (dead battery
broken altenator)The only other
close call was when the clutch slave
cylinder went out but I realized
what was happening and drove it home
before it quit completely!in the
last year I only had to put tires on
it and get the radiator recored.I
would trust this car to go anywhere
though I'm sure something will
happen sooner or later BTW she has
98,000 miles on her.

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