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Re: 56K Line Speed?-Reply

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Subject: Re: 56K Line Speed?-Reply
From: "Harlan Jillson" <>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 09:02:04 -0600
   That's the trouble with the 56K modems, they ( like any other modem)
depend on line condition.  Depending on the local phone network you're on
and the distance to from your house to the switch, 28K may be the most
you'll ever get.  One of the modem manufacturers ( USR/3com I think) has a
test program and number on their web site you can download. Then you call
their number and they run some tests ( or something...) and report back the
maximum line speed you can get.  I ran this at work a year or so and got
31.6K, never have run it at the house, but 28.8K is the best I've ever see
from their with either my old 33.6k or my new V.90 56K modem, and I quite
often steps down to 26.4k and sometimes all the way down to 14.4K especially
during bad weather.  (As a side note, the phone lines in our neighborhood
have always been crap, even for voice, but SW Bell is going to fix it real
soon.... been working on it for 6 years that I know of so far.)
   Now for the obligatory MG content.  I had to put the hood up on the '72
Friday for the first time this month,  well sort of, I put it up because of
the threat and prediction of rain when I got to work, but it never did rain,
so I took it down before driving home.  The weather has been wonderful for
top down driving, although a little cool in the mornings lately (30ish F),
hope it holds like this.  Drive'm and enjoy.
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Date: Sunday, February 14, 1999 7:19 AM
Subject: Re: 56K Line Speed?-Reply

>I am glad that someone brought this up!  I am very comfortable asking MG
>people anything, of course we do have our own net nazis.
> anyway, my slow modem speed has impeded my ability to do many things on
>the net.  I have a 56k modem and the best I can do is 28000bps.  I
>emailed my IPS and they have never responded, maybe it is still in
>transit since my modem or their service is so slow.  My question is:
>should I not at least do better than 28000?  It is kind of like the
>timing being off on the MGA and not letting it run as fast as it should.
>(this may satisfy the net nazis, since this is off topic).
>Mike Lishego wrote:
>> I believe that I read somewhere that due to US Gov. regulations,
>> modem speeds can only reach 52 or 53k.  If I'm wrong, someone will
>> correct me, but I was in the market for a new modem and this came up
>> in several ads.
>> Michael S. Lishego

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