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Subject: BigCarb
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 09:33:00 EST
A scribe from Central Illinois wrote:

<<<As to legality...I doubt if this is truly a legal conversion either.
it is a single carb (and I have a "hollow" catalytic converter still in
place), I would think it would raise very few eyebrows upon a visual
inspection from State authorities. (I don't have to worry about that at this
time in central Illinois.)


rick ingram
'78 MGB - '69 MGC
NAMGBR #0-134  
AMGCR #985>>>

Be glad. There's another story in the Chicago Tribune today about the new
rolling road test program (for 1981 and later cars) in John Kass' column. A
woman took in her car and first they set it up like it's front wheel drive on
the rollers - it wasn't - it's a rear wheel drive Miata. They realize the
error before they launched it (unlike the Cadillac the Trib wrote about on the
first day of the new test) and turn it around. Then the tester revs it up -
with the parking brake on. The owner goes running out of the "waiting room"
screaming to stop and is greeted but the lovely smell of a completely cooked
clutch. IEPA says not their problem, she has to deal with Envirotest, the
company who holds the contract to do the testing. After two weeks, they agreed
to pay a mechanic to check the car with no commitment yet to pay to repair the

Whats the number for COVA?

Kim Tonry
Downers Grove, Illinois

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