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hillman super minx ?????

Subject: hillman super minx ?????
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 17:06:54 EST
Hi the wife found these 2 minxs ones a 65 super minx estate wagon the other is
a 67 sunbeam minx.  She wants these since mgs cant haul  the kid thats
arriving in august plus its stiff & her trips to the mall , But shes seling
her G_D DA M VW bug which im thrilled a lbc instead of a lousy vw.  So my
question is are these cars any good & will i ever be able to find any parts
for them.  The only lbcs ive ever had are MGS of coarse!!   Anyway the 67 is
runnig & drivable its even licensed, the wagon it is not known the roccker are
rusted on both not gone but need help the wagons floors are soli the sedans
need some holes fixed.  The bottom line is $800 for both i just thought it
would be cool to have a non normal car to fix up enough for her to drive not
ever be a show car 
Ray Huff
vp northend Mgccnwc 
741/2bgt 76mgb

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