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Re: Oil pressure Q's

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Subject: Re: Oil pressure Q's
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Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 19:10:47 -0700
I've never had pressure higher than 50.  I'm talking the last 85,000 miles.
Right now, its below 50 at best, and drops to the teens because a rebuild is
on the near horizon after those 85K, but it still runs like a dream - as
long as I leave the James Bond cloud behind it.
Tomorrow we take 110 miles to Phoenix Int'l Raceway to run the road course
for an hor with our AZ MG Club friends, then back 110 miles - and 5000 feet
in altitude rise!

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Date: Saturday, February 20, 1999 6:11 PM
Subject: Re: Oil pressure Q's

>Here's another question about oil pressure...
>I've been talking to the mechanic that works on my car and he says that
>it's okay for the oil pressure to drop below 75 once the car has warmed
>up.  I have always been taught that oil pressure below 75 was a bad sign
>and to take care of it...
>So, the pressure drops to about 25 when at stop lights or in really slow
>commuter traffic.  It only drops to about 50-65 once I've been on the
>road.  The head gasket was replaced and the head itself resurfaced a few
>months ago.  This guy grew up around the LBC's, and he really seems to
>know his stuff.  Am I just being overly paranoid?
>I have this BIG trip all planned out, and while I don't plan on
>everything going smoothly (it is a 20 yr old car), that doesn't mean I
>want to come home and put a "for sale" ad in the paper.  (Unless, of
>course, it's because I won one of the cars being raffled off!) <G>
>79 MGB LE
>Mike Lishego wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>     With all the talk of oil pressure on the list, I thought I'd
>> spring a question that's been floating around my mind:
>>     My oil pressure has dropped somewhat because of normal engine
>> wear.  Is there any benefit to adding an uprated oil pressure
>> release valve?  Will this ensure an adequate supply of engine oil to
>> the top end, where it might not be seeing as much lubrication due to
>> the reduced pressure?
>>     Just wondering, Thanks!
>> Michael S. Lishego

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