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Re: Carburettor dilemma

Subject: Re: Carburettor dilemma
From: Susan and John Roper <>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 22:00:57 -0600
Denise, call Joe Curto, buy the proper piloted reamer from him, ream by hand.  
fun.  John wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm having no luck finding a machine shop that will ream SU's for oversize
> throttle shafts.  Some of them actually admit that they won't do it because 
> don't make enough money off of it.  Instead, they want me to pay them to 
> the carbs completely.  Fat chance.
> I've found a tool store that will sell me the correct reamer (.323" or 'P'
> reamer) for $16.50 plus tax.  This seems like a good thing to own when I own
> eight sets of SU's.  The problem is, the reamer has a smooth shank to fit in a
> drill press or mill and I don't have either.  I could probably rig up 
> so that I could ream by hand, but I don't think I could do it acurately 
> Here are the options as I see it.  Drive a car getting 10mpg to San Diego (200
> miles one way) to have my old machinist do it.  Take reamer, carb bodies, and
> throttle shafts on a tour of all of the local machine shops, bat my eyelashes
> and hope someone takes pity on me.  Mail the aforementioned bits to some kind
> person on the list to be reamed and mailed back to me (hint, hint).  Widen my
> area of search and try to find a real machine shop.
> BTW, I'm in the Inland Empire, which is a euphemism for the hellhole east of 
> on the border of Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.  Truck pulls are the
> height of culture around here.  I'm near Pomona where I grew up and which I've
> always referred to as the armpit of LA County.  I'm now in the armpit of San
> Bernardino County, birthplace of the Hell's Angels and John Birch Society.  If
> you see "Berdoo" on the back of a biker's jacket, he or she is from San
> Bernardino.  Does anyone know of a good machine shop in this area?
> All suggestions, advice, offers gratefully accepted.  Help!
> Denise Thorpe

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