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Re: MGB Oiling system

To: Tyson Sherman <>, MG Mailing List <>
Subject: Re: MGB Oiling system
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 00:35:31
At 08:35 PM 2/24/99 -0600, Tyson Sherman wrote:
>I am still suffering from a sticking (closed) oil pressure relief valve. ....
>.... I don't know anything about the oiling system of a B (76) to know
when the oil is at what part of the engine.
>Any comments are appreciated.  Thanks!

For a complete description of the oil flow in a MG B-series engine, check
out Oil Flow 101 at this address:

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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