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Geography & MG Roads (Was Carburettor Dilemna)

Subject: Geography & MG Roads (Was Carburettor Dilemna)
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 09:32:26 EST
All this spirited and inspired writing on pride of place and favorite
locations brings to mind an idea on my stories to do list for "MGB Driver".
The idea is for personal stories on favorite "MG roads". My personal favorites
would include an obvious perennial like California Highway 1, a more nostalgic
favorite like US 6 in Ohio along the Lake Erie shoreline where I have great
memories of buzzing along in my buddy Dave's 1970 Midget when we were in high
school, and more recent favorites like the twisty Missouri county roads that
we had such a great time playing tag with Team Fokowee on last year on the
Missouri Endurance Rally.

So, if you want to write about favorite roads and places (as I can tell from
the  heavy response on the list, many of you do), I would be glad to have them
to include in this article. I also could use photos of same MGs, places and

Kim Tonry
Editor - MGB Driver-Journal of the North American MGB Register
Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

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