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ferrari (nonLBC)

Subject: ferrari (nonLBC)
From: Pat Bailey <>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 08:30:18 -0800
I just had to share this with the
list!I went to a Ferrari race and
meet at Willow Springs raceway near
my home yesterday and they were
racing 355s and vintage Ferraris (
areal nice '59 250 BUT the best was
they had some F1 cars there a couple
of Gilles Villnueves
cars from the 80s Bergers car from
'95 and get this Schumakers car from
last year!I have never seen or heard
one of these except on TV and they
are awesome!It was a pleasure to
actually see one run.Well sorry it
isn't MG stuff but I just had to
tell you guys I wonder what a full
F1 race must be like?

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