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Ignition light question

Subject: Ignition light question
From: Pat Bailey <>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 20:27:51 -0800
Hi all
I have  a question about the
ignition light on my '79 B how is
supposed to work?I went for a putt
the othere day and all of a sudden
my radio started acting strange the
display flashing then it quit
altigether I stopped for lunch and
when I came out the battery was dead
so I pulled the battery and took it
to a auto parts store and they
tested it, it had 12 V but dropped
badly under load so being as it was
5 yrs old I replaced the battery Now
tonight I went out to start the car
and the battery ran down quickley
and it wouldn't start so I pulled
the altenator and took it over to
Lindy's auto parts and had IT tested
and it was dead so I got a rebuilt
one for $63.Now my question...I
thought the ignition light was
supposed to glow if the altenator
stopped charging.Mine didn't glow at
all even when turning on
initially,now it glows when turning
on and goes out when the engine
starts.What good is it if it won't
tell you if the alt isn't charging?I
like to have  a gauge!

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