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0dd Traffic Warning for Midwest US

Subject: 0dd Traffic Warning for Midwest US
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 09:47:55 EST
Warning -

Strange traffic patterns are predicted for the Midwest centering on St. Louis
this weekend as Team Fokowee returns to defend their title as last years
winners of the Missouri (or Misery) Endurance Rally. Rumour has it the Fokowee
car this year is equipped with driving lamps and deer whistles front and rear.
Rumours that Whereda and Howda have installed a unique 10 speed gearbox - 5
forward and 5 reverse - could not be verified. Further rumours point to this
being actually a top secret development project for a joint project between
General Motors and MG for a new model to be designated the "MG-GM Palindrome",
a car concept based on the original design of the frogeye Sprite that will be
the same coming or going.

So if you see an MG proceeding backwards at speed with two grinning occupants
- wave to Team Fokowee. The fourth running of the Missouri Endurance will
start this Saturday morning from the now traditional car park at the Hooters
Westport in St. Louis. The Bomber Brothers report MR BILL3 is prepared and
will hopefully improve on last years accomplishment of getting home without
use of a trailer and actually finish the whole rally which we had to retire
from last year when the gearbox became balky at the start of Day 2 due to
running dry from a bad front seal.

If the recent hints of Spring have stirred you, take the time to read David
Darby's great account of the 1997 MER at
<> and consider coming out to join us.
It's a great time on great MG roads. We had the 

 time of our lives playing follow-the-leader on twisty roads in southern
Missouri with Team Fokowee last year and look forward to it all again. The
format is going to be a bit different this year as it will be run as a
straight through 24 hour plus format with 6 hours allowed for a rest stop at
the competitors option. This rather than the double 12 format of past years.

We look foward to seeing everyone there.

Boomer Bomber
Bomber Brothers Endurance Rallying
Downers Grove, Illinois

If we were to make Bill Gates an honorary Bomber Brother, his new slogan would
be "What would you like to blow up today?"

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