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gas prices

Subject: gas prices
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 22:26:38 -0700
I work for Tosco corp (circle K in phoenix), which owns 76, exxon, bp,
staxx, umm... a few others, i believe.  gas prices being the same on a
street corner is due to the fact that gas stations monitor each other's
prices.  if one station lowers prices, the others will, too.  If one
raises, the others will eventually follow.
Decreased production and refinery fires will not cause gas prices to
rise from $0.859 to $1.359 in under a month.
Simply put, I think that gas prices are up because it is summer, and
they can make more money$$$$$$$$.
Conveniently, they have the excuse of refinery fires, etc.
Oil business is oil business. (they will make $$$ anyway)
MIke Jose
'79 B without functional gas gauge- I buy gas often
PS-  My dad got his '93 celica redone in toyota super red... very nice.

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