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MGA Exploratory Surgery..

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Subject: MGA Exploratory Surgery..
From: Kevin Richards <>
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 22:52:21 -0400
Hey listers....

As some of you know, last August I found my dream car, a 62 MGA....this
pushed me to bid a fond and tearful farewell to Red Molly, my 77MGB.
I have not been able to do any work on the A for a long time since I had
to move it from one garage to my new workshop (sharing a hangar with a
friend who has an Ultralight). I tinkered here and there, replacing a
shock, rebuilding the kingpins, adding urethane bushings,
etc...rebuilding the carbs...basically the car runs and drives really
nicely..until It arrived at the new workshop...
The A was placed Out of Service this afternoon. 
Removed the doors, seats, floorboards and passenger front fender.
Looks like the frame is farther advanced in its cancer than I first
My questions are:
1.  Does anyone have a rust-free chassis(bare bones) for sale
(realistically priced)?
2. Will I harm the aluminum in the doors if I chemically strip the
paint? or is it best to have a pro bead-blast it?
3. Is it worth welding a frame that has both sill sections showing
through and through rust areas (you can pick it apart with your fingers)
my gut feeling is to find a frame in nice shape and use that.

thanks listers

I'll keep you posted on how the resto is going....
Kevin Richards

62 MGA starting to come apart.

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