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Re: Really Stupid

To: Mike Razor <>
Subject: Re: Really Stupid
From: patrick bailey <>
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 07:23:31 -0700

Mike Razor wrote:

>   It was
> the culmination of several things, to include  her blowing off step-by-step
> instruction on how to mail parts to make her car road worthy.

It looks like Mike gave her SPECIFIC instructions on what to do,I would be
pissed too if this happened.Why are we as a society so willing to take the
screw-ups side?We do this all the way up to the president We accept poor
behavior we don't strive for anywhere near excellance.This is whats wrong with
this country today We accept bad behaviour and attack people who expect a little
more!Mike was trying to get HER car running and she couldn't or wouldn't be
concerned enough to make sure it was done right So Mike gripes about it and all
of you attack him!I don't think Mike should apologise to anyone the only fault I
could see is not doing it himself but maybe he is strapped for time and thought
"it's not rocket science' to UPS some parts!I used to have fights with my wife
over not writing in the amount of a check she wrote in the register so I could
balance the damn thing finally I got the checks with a carbon but should I have
to do that?Why not expect someone to do it right?I guarantee all the listers
that attacked Mike would be screaming their heads off if they had some work done
on their B and the mechanic screwed it up!
What's the difference?I think all you taht attacked Mike had a moment of
"political correctness"and YOU should aploligise to him.

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