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RE:Re: The shakes (77B)

To: Dennis Berman <>
Subject: RE:Re: The shakes (77B)
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 99 22:56:53 Singapore Standard Time
 Could it be a wheel out of round? not just a tire.  My 59 MGA
had a bad shake at around 55MPH that would never go away  I Rotateded the 
tires, balanced, attacked the front end etc... Finally found
a nice new set of wire wheels with new tires on them and the 
trouble went away.
Good luck and glad to hear that you found an easy fix.
Mike R

Date:    Mon, 12 Apr 1999 10:44:59 EST
From:    Dennis Berman  <>
Subject: Re: The shakes (77B)

   Just solved this exact problem with my '77B.

   She would shake at 55 but smooth out again at around 65.

   First, I repacked the front bearings. Still, no joy.

   Next, I moved the front tyres to the rear.
   No more shaking!

   Good luck.


Dennis Berman

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