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Re: brake pedals and ovaling of holes

To: "Nina Barton" <>, <>
Subject: Re: brake pedals and ovaling of holes
From: "Penny & Bill Meyer" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 12:28:57 -0700
What you describe is a normal wear process common to mg's and other
vehicles.  I cannot understand how it happens in three months, though.
Normally, I replace the pin - you can get a suitable replacement at a
hardware store - and have the hole welded up and re-drilled.

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From: Nina Barton <>
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Date: Sunday, April 11, 1999 10:19 AM
Subject: brake pedals and ovaling of holes

>Since my newly replaced master cylinder was leaky, I have removed it to
>replace with a new unit.  I notice that the push rod and the brake pedal
>are ever so slightly ovaled, which wasn't true when I replaced the unit 3
>months ago.  Why does this happen, and what should I do to avoid it in the
>future?  I did look in the List Quest archives, but was not real successful
>in finding an answer.  Thanks in advance,  Nina

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