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Re: '78 MGB Purchase

Subject: Re: '78 MGB Purchase
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 21:34:23 -0700
Word on the street is that said:
> Hi, list, i've made a few posts before, but i just bought my first MG, and 
> car for that matter.  (sorry if this turns into a beautiful spring drive 
> post)  I took a little time off school today, leaving at lunch with a friend 
> to go pick it up and get it registered.  The registration didn't work out 
> perfectly, but i left with the car anyway, dispite needing new plates.  I 
> spent about 2 1/2 hours driving around the countryside northwest of 
> philadelphia.  It was wonderful.  It's a much different experience than the 
> plymouth neons and nissan maxima i'm used to driving.

Congrats and welcome to the family!!  You and your B will have a lot of
good times together.  When you have a problem (and all cars have problems
eventually), don't get discouraged.  These are simple cars and soon you
will be a certified MG expert.

> I noticed a little 
> slapping noise, and when i opened the trunk it seemed to be coming from 
> either the 3rd or 4th cylinder....maybe in a few weeks i'll have my first 
> repair to do.  

Here's the first problem... the engine is in the trunk?!?  I think he
may have bought ADO21 by mistake!! Sorry just poking a bit of fun.  First
thing you should try is lifting the valve cover and adjusting the valve
clearance, it will probably clear up that noise.  Put the car in 4th gear
and use the rule of 9:  if you number the valves 1-8 (it doesn't really
matter which end you pick to be #1) then push the car in 4th so that a
valve "rocks" - that is, pushes all the way down (opens).  Take the number
of that valve (say, #3) and then you know that valve #6 is at the very 
top .... rule of 9, 6 + 3 = 9.  Now check the clearance between the tappet
adjusting screw and the pushrod on #6 and if needed slacken the adjusting nut
and adjust the clearance to 0.015".  Don't forget to re-tighten the
adjusting nut!!!  Oh yeah and do this while the engine is cold. Continue
until you have done all 8 valves (I need a piece of paper to keep track).
When you are down put the valve cover back on with a new gasket and
torque it down to 8 ft lbs (which isn't very much).

If you already know how to do this, ignore me :)

> Anyway, I have a quick question for you all:  I've gotten the impression that 
> a Haynes manual is the best thing to have to help in repairs.  Is this 
> impression correct?  also, where can i get one?  i checked pep boys and they 
> didn't have any manuals for LBC's.....

Overall, yes I would say the Haynes manual would be best for the beginner.
You can buy it for about $14 from Amazon, follow this link:

If you can afford it, get as many books on that page as possible!  Next
in line would be "Original MGB" its an indispensable reference book.
When you are ready to tackle bodywork and rebuilding the suspension
and other major systems on the car, get the Lindsay Porter DIY book.

> 4 hours of driving and im already in love.....

I think we all know where you're coming from :)

You will find lots of useful information on my web site, the address is
in my signature below.

Cheers, Skye

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